Why Acacia Living Group Home Care?

Non-profit pricing

As a registered charity, our pricing is very competitive which means you can get more value out of your Home Care budget.

Direct access

When you call, you speak directly with a member of your local Home Care Team. We don’t have a 1300 phone number and you are welcome to call on weekends and after hours.

Quick service

We aim to put your Home Care package together within 48 hours of you signing a Home Care agreement with us.

We’re locals

Our team of locals know your community and neighbourhood . They understand how to access the best Home Care services that are close by.

Perfect match

Our Home Care Managers and Case Managers work hard to match you with Carers who will work well with you.

On time

Our services are strictly timetabled. We will post or email a fortnightly roster, detailing the name of your support worker and the time they will arrive on any given day.

Flexible packages

Our Home Care packages are flexible to make sure that you are getting the best possible care, and we can adjust your package’s services as you need, as quickly as possible.

We make it easy

Just give us a call, and we'll help you choose the services you need, design your budget and have your Home Care package ready to start within 48 hours of signing your Home Care agreement.

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