When it comes to getting extra care or support, it can be difficult to know where to begin. At Acacia Living Group we will help you to make informed decisions about your care priorities.

If you’re considering your aged care options you will complete the following steps:

1. Arrange your assessment

First you’ll need to arrange an assessment through My Aged Care. They’ll chat to you about your day-to-day routine, physical and mental health, and what’s important to you.

These assessments are free and can be carried out in your own home, or at the assessment offices, which are often located within a hospital.

2. Assessment outcome

After your assessment, your assessor will inform you if you are deemed eligible for care and the level of service you are approved to receive. This may be a Home Care Package Level 1- 4 for ongoing needs or Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

When you are approved for a Home Care Package, you will be placed on the national queue for care.

3. Work out the cost

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be asked to contribute to the cost of your care.

If you're approved for a Home Care Package, you’ll need to complete a financial assessment with Services Australia to determine if you need to pay an income tested care fee.

4. Select Acacia Living Group as your preferred aged care provider

When you are approved for home care services, you can nominate the provider to deliver your care and services in the place you call home.

Our friendly At Home Support team would love to talk with you about your specific needs and what matters to you most.

Call 08 9370 0200 to learn about the range of services available to you.

5. Accept your Home Care Package

When it’s time to begin your care plan with Acacia Living Group, our team will support you to age positively and live independently at home for longer.

We make it easy

Just give us a call, and we'll help you choose the services you need, design your budget and have your Home Care package ready to start within five days of signing your agreement.

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