The RSL Care WA Retirement and Aged Care Association Incorporated, trading as Acacia Living Group (ABN 4412 1436162), is a registered charity and welcomes all Bequests.

A Bequest may made be in various forms, and whilst usually left in cash, land, property and its contents, it may also be left in the form of shares or bonds, superannuation funds, and even collections such as militaria, stamps, coins, art, jewellery, or cars.

If you are considering a Bequest to Acacia Living Group in your Will, we strongly suggest that you seek the advice of your solicitor, so that your intentions are understood and that all details, including any tax implications on your Estate, can be clearly identified, stated, and legally documented.

We understand there are 3 types of Bequests you can make – Specific, Percentage and Residual. It is entirely up to you to decide and nominate, and for your peace of mind, and for that of your family, we recommend that you make your wishes known through your solicitor in your Will.

Whilst Acacia Living Group is usually informed of a Bequest following the execution of an Estate, we certainly welcome the opportunity for you to let us know in advance of your intended Bequest in your Will. We are then able to acknowledge your generosity and show our appreciation to you and your loved ones.

When a Bequest gift matures, your gift will be recognised in a meaningful way in perpetuity by Acacia Living Group.

If you would like to have a private and confidential discussion in regards to leaving a Bequest in your Will to Acacia Living Group, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 9370 0200.