Getting to know … Nadiene   

Nadiene is our Home Care Manager for the Perth North Metro area. She has been with Acacia Living Group since October 2011 and is passionate about helping her clients stay independent and socially active in their own homes with our wide range of home care services.

We chat with Nadiene about her role, experiences, tips and personal hobbies.

Nadiene , what does your role entail?

Where to start! This is what I do on a daily basis:

  • Liaising with clients and staff to ensure the best outcomes in relation to their care at home and access to community
  • Ensuring regular catch-ups are scheduled to make sure that services are running smoothly
  • Managing all care staff, case managers and administrators in my region
  • Ensuring that all clients have access to communicate with the office if and when needed
  • Liaising with potential services that could be beneficial to our clients and setting up brokerage agreements for this to occur
  • Assisting/checking all clients individual budgets are being used effectively and correctly
  • Assisting/checking that care plans are up to date and relevant to our clients’ needs
  • Ensuring that rosters are running smoothly as services are delivered within the specified timeframe requested
  • Monitoring that all staff are maintaining their training and have current police clearances
  • Keeping up-to-date with all relevant sector changes
  • And also monitoring nursing/clinical needs and ensuring these services are initiated if requested through the home care package of care

How long have you been in this industry for?

I have worked in community-based care approximately 14 years. I completed my Bachelor of Nursing (RN) in New Zealand and have worked in both rest home facilities and as a community nurse. I still continue to complete some nursing tasks in my current role and hold a current APHRA registration.

I also worked for four years at ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) as a Case Manager for the National Serious Injury Service attending to clients with spinal and traumatic brain injuries. In this role I would assess and coordinate appropriate home care and health therapies, working closely with the clients and their families to ensure that their individual goals and health needs were being met. This also included completing submissions for major housing modifications and vehicle purchase and modifications.

For a short period of time, I also worked for the NZ Blood Service and would travel around to remote locations for blood donations.

Before moving to Perth I worked as a Home Care Coordinator in The South Island of New Zealand.

What do you find most fulfilling about the role?

I gain so much from working in an industry assisting the elderly. It is very rewarding knowing that our elderly are able to remain living in their home, keeping as much independence as possible. It also heartening to know that we provide a social outlet for the elderly. Our Home Care services provide a sense of security and belonging. 

I also enjoy watching new staff building a rapport with clients and maintaining this. I see them flourishing in their passion for the role. I was very happy when CDC (Consumer Directed Care) was initiated in Australia as it gives them so much more input on how they want their care to work for them.Every individual client has their own story to tell and they are all so interesting. 

Every individual client has their own story to tell and they are all so interesting. 

Are there any general misconceptions about the care your branch offers?

The consistent misperception has been from the wider community believing that Acacia Living Group is only for the Veterans in the community. This is not the case! We assist all elderly members of the community.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

I am married with three children… there is not much spare time! In the warmer months we all enjoy going on short bush walks or spending time at the beach.

Any final words, tips for prospective clients/families?

Communication is the key. It is sometimes hard to know where to even start! We are happy to offer guidance with the steps needed to access care at home. If you want to know more about services available from Acacia Living Group or just to check on different options, then we are always happy to talk either over the phone or in person.

We are a small business but that makes us easily accessible and ready to assist you in your quest for safe, affordable and reliable home care. 

Do you or someone you know need a little help at home?

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