It was someone's birthday recently, well quite a few birthdays, 11 in fact, and we celebrated their joining the 90th Birthday Club with a beautiful High Tea and Champagne at Menora. Congrats to our new members of the 90s Club Jill ClarkePatricia Gates, Dorothy Reef, June Hill, Robert Ashley, Joan Richings, Jean Finkelstein, Peter Kirov, June Whitfield, Jane Dowding and Robert Newman.

 This now brings our total of members to this exclusive club to 41, which includes 29 from Menora Gardens Village and 12 from Pearson Village! 

 A shout-out must go to Mrs Jean Robertson from Pearson Village, who is the only inaugural member remaining.  Since our last celebration other inaugural members Hazel & Charlie have relocated to Residential Care.

 And of course, many hands make light work, so thank you to Kevin Hooper, Chairman of the Residents Committee for rallying the forces.  Co-editor of the Village Newsletter, Lesley for writing an article for the Village Newsletter, thanks as always Lesley.  And the High Tea wouldn’t be possible without Chef, Paul and Lisa for the preparation and catering. 

 Lastly, our very special thanks to Neville, son of the late Lewis Horner, and Wayne Greenwood from Programmed Property Services for making the event possible by their kind donations.

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